Love you
-- Mardi Karr, 4/14/19

Would love to visit - long over due
-- Mardi Karr, 9/21/16

I'm in awe every time I see your work. Beautiful...stirring....inspiring. You are an amazing artist.
-- Ralene Friend, 3/28/14

Bob and I really enjoyed your artwork when you showed us your lovely home ! You are so gracious !
-- Vicky Herrmann, 9/14/13

Barbara, your work is beautiful. You just keep getting better and better. Keep up the good work.
-- Janet Gilliland, 5/26/12

My wife, Suzie, and I think you're awewome!
-- Bob Kopolow, 2/4/12

I believe that the beauty of the art is a reflection of the beauty in the soul of the artist. Beautiful work, Barbara.
-- Suzie Kopolow, 1/30/12

thank you for showing your lovely home to us last saturday
-- Ray And Lilly Szulc, 3/8/11

Hi Barbara I met you on a plane on your way home from visiting your daughter. We spoke about my wish to learn to paint & I just finally was able to take sometime to see your work it is amazing! I am so inspired & wish I could take a lesson from you! You are very talented!
-- Ali Geron, 1/17/11

-- Joe, 10/5/10

I am a friend of Kim,Steve and Brianna's here in New Braunfels. I had the opportunity to see yur beautiful pieces in there home and have fallen in love with your work. Would love to find out the cost of the Shy Wolf Thanks
-- Mardi Karr, 7/10/10

Cousin Barbara it was nice talking to you and hearing from you. And hope totalk and hear from you real soon on the reunion your cousin Gloria
-- Anniecunningham, 5/21/10

Amazing pictures!!!!!
-- Barbara J. Miller, 5/10/10

Your work is beautiful!, a real pleasure to view.I'm glad to have found this site,like to hear your comments as well,take care.
-- James Lasenby, 3/12/10

Interesting works.
-- Shurla Thibou, 1/11/10

saw your painting in city gallery in Carlsbad (behind starbucks) of the japanese garden (green trees, red bridge, water reflection), very nice, great colors.
-- Bobby Ruch, 7/1/09

Loved seeing your work. My favorite painting which I bought from you has the place of honor in my home. I love the many medias in which you paint and the diversity of your subjects.
-- Jackie Walker, 5/14/09

Your work is beautiful, as is your website. Congratulations.
-- Janet Gilliland, 10/16/08

Your paintings are absolutely beautiful, I am so honored to know such a talented person! I am still waiting for mine! Love, Your long lost friend, BEV
-- Beverly Moline , 6/23/08

Hey. Nice to see your work. I have other things on my calendar the 18th but really enjoyed viewing your art on your web site. - Bonnie
-- Bonnie Rinier, 5/1/08

You're an outstanding in nature artist, with enough talent to surpass classic training.
-- Kat Feldman, 4/25/08

I met you at Aaron Bros. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for the info re Escondido Adult Ed. I'll consider after I finish with my current class. I'm also considering to set up a web site. Hope to meet you again. Sincerely, Amy
-- Amy Bekier, 2/16/08

 Barbara J. MillerOceanside, CA760-803=8044